Why do we smile or laugh so much ??

It is a good thing or even great sometimes .. laughing and smiling .

We have problems, well who does not ?? When people abroad are panicking about the new IT trends globally, some trying to find water on Mars, some trying to know if there are other living organisms in the universe, most of the people here do not have electricity. We are deprived of the basic things. Our development projects starts on June and ends in July, during monsoon ( because this is the time when budget is allocated ). The people in capital are always frustrated about the roads, water problems in valley, traffic jams every next stop, rough rides (both private and public) well you can add others ..

But, we have been grown into it. What you think are challenges for others, are our daily implications. We are habituated to these. We have been living with worse for so long that, even simple change or development project brings smiles on our faces. There were not suitable times in our country for a long period. When other countries were economically and technically growing; we were in our conflicts ( Maoist problems, caste discrimination,still(Bahun-chhetri in governments offices, education and jobs and dalits in villages for water and work) ; king-regime ) . most development works were stopped, we were only focused on surviving so much that growing was never a priority for us.

We are fortunate than others in various cases too. Except the devastating earthquake, various disease-epidemic have not attacked our country for so long. Rare cases of bird-flu were seen and some years before people in Karnali died because of diarrhoea,(probably a disease which has not killed single person in developed countries). But it has not been seen for quite some time now.

It is a good thing to be a small country which is always seen as a calm and peace-loving. Certain conflicts happened here too, but no matter how much we are praised for our brave ancestors ; we have always been a peace loving country. We have never initiated a  attack on any country. We were even declared “zone-of-peace” once, HELL YEAH !! 

Still, we cherish little things that life has to offer us. And, you too would believe that we are honest and helpful idiots. We try to help others even if they do not want it. We try to help everyone. People refer to elders as uncle or aunties here; kids as bhai/baini we have a sense of closeness wherever we go. We know everyone is having problems but at least we can give someone a reason to smile; and it is always a wonderful thing.

Seeing your sad face won’t make theirs any sadder; but your smiling face can create happy sparks on them. More smile the better. LAUGH even harder if you can.

Also, who knows if someone is clicking our photo and we don’t want our photos sad .

I don’t have a reason why we smile so much, but I sense we rarely suffer from depressions from pressure or work-load. A line is famous here -” chalcha nepalma” , which means it is okay here in Nepal; that may not be okay anywhere.

Conflicts are happening here too. Earthquake, border-blockade, Terai andolan, devastating cases of rapes, suicides, bribery and all that. But, what country does not have conflicts. Probably not like these , and not so inhumane but we are growing.

We are late but we are trying to catch up with the world .

So, to answer your question now, we smile because we have been worrying for too long and it did not help.