A quiet shout from the Western himalayas: kalo_pothi

Spectacular. Yes, that’s the word for it. Shot on the plot of Maoist insurgency or as they like to call so-called-civil-war shows the story of two young boys, in a village of Mugu district. Simplicity is what grabs the audience here. All the actors though new, rightfully judge the characters they portray. Stunning cinematic, shows the true culture of the locality, the mountains, lakes displayed beautifully. The problems faced due to Maoist influences, caste-ism, everything has been touched so genuinely. And the national anthem from then, gives nostalgia during the scene.


The story basically revolves around these two kids’ search for “the hen.” But, what comes along, passes through and shows us is what makes it appealing. Their cute and stupid little gestures make the movie worth watching. Clap to these boys. Some long shot scenes create a kind of hype for the viewer. It grasps in the situation so tight. Funny, appealing, and precise use of linguistics has made a masterpiece. Some actors act, others just live their roles. Breathtaking Slo-mo scenes through the eyes of the kid; what a child sees and what we saw, that is still for you to decide.

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  1. God moved us to our current home 15 years ago. Our lives were forever chlp&edg#8230;nhysicaaly, spiritually, emotionally. He has blessed us immeasurably by placing us exactly where HE wanted us to be. It was HIS timing for HIS purpose. I’ll share the story with you someday. )Praying that all is well with you!Love you~

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